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Water Damage is now the # 1 Insurance Claim

Water in your basement is a huge burden on your family:

• It’s a financial burden whether you have insurance or not
• It’s an emotional burden on all family members
• It’s stressful from disruption to your house and upheaval for months on end
• Stress dealing with contractors and insurance adjustors
• Health issues with concerns of mold and air quality
• Environmental burden of all the carpets, appliances and furniture disposed at landfill sites. 

The Problem
If we just left our basements to be used as utility spaces, with bare walls, we would not have too much of an issue. At best, homeowners would probably have to replace the water heater or furnace and then things would be back to normal in a few days! The problem begins as soon as we work to convert the basement area of the home into a living space.

For the last 60 years we continued to build trying to use conventional building materials that are neither water nor mold resistant, and when the basement floods, we tear them out and rebuild with the same material hoping we will be spared from flooding a second time around!

We have done a poor job explaining the risks about basements

1. Every home is at risk of basement flooding, even if there has never been a flooding incident!

2. Unless the water comes through a pipe it probably is not covered by insurance. 

Somehow, these two important facts didn’t get conveyed to homeowners, despite all we read about global warming and flooding around the world.

Technological Advances

Our cars are now equipped with modern technology that will warn us of any issues. Services like OnStar will call your cell phone if your car requires a tune up, and even your refrigerator will beep if the door is ajar. Basements are now being converted from utility to ‘living spaces’ and so we need to refocus on prevention. We need better monitoring. And, we need to build SMART!

We set out to find building materials and products that are better suited for the basement environment. We also looked at better ways to construct basements, making them less susceptible to water damage as well as reducing the chances of flooding. This is what Smart Basement is all about.

There are simple and inexpensive ways to prevent future basement damage. We can show you how.

Welcome to SmartBasement.

How to build a Smart
Basement How to build a Smart Basement

The basement is the first place homeowners will place their most precious items. And it's the most prone to water damage. Learn how new technologies are making basements SMART.

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